Texas Onshore

Chocolate Bayou Field

Brazoria County, Texas (Operated)
The White Marlin operated Chocolate Bayou Field is located approximately 25 miles south of Houston. Discovered in 1939, it is a faulted rollover anticline on the southeast side of a large down to the coast growth fault. The field has produced over 2 TCFG and 84 MMBO from multiple sands of the Oligocene Frio age ranging from 8,700 ft to 14,500 ft in depth.

Elaine Field

Dimmit County, Texas (Operated)
The Elaine Field produces oil from three geologic horizons: the San Miguel (under waterflood), the Austin Chalk, and the Anacacho Limestone (also under waterflood). The majority of production comes from 3,500 ft to 5,000 ft. High quality 3-D seismic demonstrates a post Austin Chalk volcanic activity that developed a “Serpentine Plug” and created the domal field structure that accounts for the field trapping mechanism.

LaBelle Field

Jefferson County, Texas (Operated)
The LaBelle Field field produces oil from Miocene Sands (normally pressured) and Frio Sands (geo-pressured) from 5,000 ft to 8,000 ft on a four way rollover closure. Production from the field has been ongoing since the 1960’s, and continues to produce over 100 bopd.