White Marlin Oil and Gas Company, LLC is a Houston, Texas based upstream oil & gas production and operating company. Our business model is designed to create value by minimizing risk to ensure an industry-leading return on capital. As an operating company, our focus will always be on environmentally sound operations.


A significant land position is an important part of our strategy and provides future exploitation and exploration potential. White Marlin is aggressively pursuing oil & gas properties from a variety of sellers, with target properties primarily in the states of Texas and Louisiana.

Environmental Stewardship

White Marlin Oil and Gas Company focuses on production efficiency with safe, environmentally sound operations. We are committed to serving as stewards of the environment in every community in which we live and work. All onshore and offshore properties are operated to state and local government standards, and are covered by detailed spill contingency plans and procedures designed to mitigate any potential problem.

Risk Mitigation

White Marlin Oil and Gas Company takes many steps to minimize risk associated with product pricing, weather, and reserves. A large portion of our current production is hedged; new projects are tested and deemed economic under risked scenarios, and environmental risks of any potential acquisition are mitigated through a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment. The latest generation of 3D seismic processing techniques and attribute analysis is used in all our drilling projects.


White Marlin Oil and Gas Company pursues an acquire and exploit strategy which we believe provides the optimal plan for today’s low commodity price environment. A significant land position is an important part of our strategy and provides future exploration potential. Acquisition targets are oil & gas properties that offer a balanced blend of operating and investment profiles:

US onshore properties that provide a high R/P ratio with long reserve life and stable production profiles
US onshore properties that fall under the traditional non-conventional profile such as tight gas or chalk production
US state water properties that can provide high rate completions and a rapid return on the investment

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