About the White Marlin Companies

White Marlin Energy Partners, LLC is a portfolio company of Parallel Resource Partners, a private equity firm focused on North American upstream oil and gas. White Marlin Oil and Gas Company, LLC and White Marlin Operating Company, LLC, our better known operating entities, are both wholly owned subsidiaries of White Marlin Energy Partners, LLC.

White Marlin Oil and Gas Company is an upstream oil and gas exploration and production company with a focus on environmentally sound onshore and offshore energy operations. Optimum efficiency and investment stability are woven throughout our core activities, from our operations model and acquisitions approach to long-term portfolio planning. Our distinctive strategy leverages our unique approach and presents exceptional opportunities.

Operational Efficiency

A Hub-and-Spoke operations model minimizes operating costs and logistical problems. We target acquisitions that build on that infrastructure, and avoid properties prone to inefficiency or higher operating costs. Single well exploration plays are not pursued, but properties that larger companies currently neglect in their capital budgets fit well in our acquisition and exploitation strategy.

Financial Stability

We arrange for consistent, organized growth through a tiered approach to acquisition. Our low risk acquisition strategy avoids areas that don’t match our acceptable risk criteria. Acquisition targets are oil & gas properties that fit a balanced blend of operating and investment profiles. Our long-term portfolio planning reflects appropriate weighting in oil and gas (BOE) reserves for stability in a changing price environment for either resource.

Solid Experience

Our highly experienced team has strong technical and financial expertise and a thorough understanding of the oil & gas industry.